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vandaleak new feature

Vandaleak’s brand-new feature is live and kicking! Once you’ve updated the app, you’re in for a treat – during your action, you can now record your screen for 30 seconds of the highlights you choose! Just hit that top red button and save the vid when you’re done with your piece. And don’t forget to drop it on social media, tagging our official profile!

Bloop Festival 2023

Just one week left till the Bloop Festival in Ibiza – our longtime partner! This marks their 13th year, and while the years pass, their approach stays true – a blend of anarchic vibes and urban art mastery! No doubt, this event is an absolute must-attend!

Mode2 & Teach new expo

You gotta check out the Unframed Art Gallery by the end of July. They’ve got a super dope Expo going on featuring works from Mode2 and Teach DDS. The opening night is on May 5th, and the artists themselves will be there, live painting! This exhibition is a must-see for all you graffiti and street art lovers out there.

Todd James Sculpture

For the exhibition that recently opened doors at Nanzuka Underground in Tokyo Japan, Todd James aka Reas decided to launch a new sculpture in PVC and ABS! Pentagon Pile Up will be available on the Gallery website during the exhibition. But bear in mind that they come in limited edition series of 360 pieces so it won’t be a piece of cake getting one!

Golden Hands Gallery @ UVNT

GoldenHands Gallery in Hamburg is famous for its collaborations that spread across the world of graffiti! As a matter of fact this year it’s going to participate in UVNT contemporary art fair in Madrid with an exposition with works by the likes of Paradox, Moses, Taps and Lugosis! A must see event!

Krink Book

Krink’s, GRAFFITI, ART AND INVENTION is an essential in every proper book collection. You can hardly find this classic that consists of 240 pages which narrate the entire backyard of the famous New York brand through the words of Craig Costello aka KR, including its inventions, markers and installations across the world! Long story short, an absolute must have that marries Graffiti and Contemporary art!

Reas x BBC Ice Cream

The chemistry between fashion and graffiti is kicking in! As a matter of fact, with musician Pharrel’s brand Billionare Boys Club, Todd James aka Reas has launched a collaboration that features classics like jackets, tees and hoodies to skate boards and an exclusive cookie jar! All in sick multi- colored graffiti style!

Kaws New Drop

For the 20th anniversary of New Yorker AllRightsReserved, the artist released a new sculpture collection in bronze that can be purchased from the artist’s gallery’s website. They come pricey but every statue are numbered and tied to “on chain” authentication. Plus, for the first time you’ll be able to purchase crypto currencies too! The sets come in 12 collectable pieces which you can purchase all together or individually.


…Bond Truluv coins himself. He isn’t an ordinary writer but a digital leaning inventor – artist. Not only he creates incredible gadgets but also applies augmented reality, 3D, NFC and all forms of technology when writing, paving the further step for the art of graffiti. His graffs are optical and mind teasing, that blurr the border between the virtual world and real life.

Hacks and gadgets!

Vitaly tech assembled a dot painting spray adaptor using drone pieces and other materials. From the looks of it, the distance between each dot is adjusted by the propeller speed. They also invented a circle maker where you paint in circles, wow. You can see some neat stuff on their youtube.

A graffiti Pokémon?!

Great news for the writing community in the digital world. The graffiti movement has spread so much in our own right that even Nintendo had top give us some space. This so called Grafaifai that appears in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, apparently tags trees in their habitat and the colors they produce (secrete? like sweat) depends on their diet.

Good bye Jordi…

The one and only Montana Colors from Barcelona Spain’s visionary founder Jordi Rubio Rocabert has left the leading spray paint brand after 29 years. His contribution to the graffiti culture through the course of the quasi-three decades is immeasurable. If you jump to Montana’s website there is a letter written by himself. Thanks, Jordi.

The King of Kowloon

Since 1956, calligraffiti in Chinese by Tsang Tsou-choi blossomed on ruined walls in Hong Kong as a protest against the loss of his motherland to the British. He carefully chose his canvas, only writing on government property. He continued his protests until the early 2000s and died in 2007 of a heart attack. In 2015, due to a strong rain, his letters which were previously buffed by the Hong Kong authorities resurfaced, catching instant attention of citizens who grew up with these letters of peaceful protest.
Writers will always be stronger than repression.

Talk about history!

In Pompeii, Italian historians are excavating ancient ruins and graffiti are popping up everywhere. Here graffiti, means traditional inscribed writing (because the word graffiti comes from Italian graffiare, to scratch). The messages are as contemporary as they can get. For instance, “Rufio painted this”, “Satura was here on September 3rd”, “Cruel Lalagus, why do you not love me”, “ If you don´t believe in Venus, gaze at my girlfriend” and more. I guess the  graffiti and vandalism that is practiced today should be considered a contemporary adaptation of the traditional, better yet, an ancient form of art??


The Blackbook is a writer’s marker, spray, cap or whatever essential tool to be one. It is that vital as one keeps everything there. From practicing their tag to sketching a masterpiece.  An album where they can see how they have progressed through time. Blackbooks are also often exchanged between vandals to record each others’ graffs.
A graphic documentary of a graffiti writer. 

Graff Leaks

Abc: Top to Bottom

The Top To Bottom, aka T2B. You hit up a train or subway car from head to toe, covering the whole height, but keeping the sides empty, like, no paint there! Sometimes, the outlines on top might be missing for practicality’s sake. So, grab that ladder, your freshest colors, and a boatload of patience!

Phibs on the Rails

Renowned Aussie writer Phibs teamed up with Montana Colors Australia for their fresh video drop! He’s in action painting a stunning freight train with one of his most colorful masterpieces. This action is a must-watch!

Abc: End 2 End

End 2 End, or E2E, is all about a lineup of pieces by multiple writers or just one, connecting across the whole train’s width along with the background. Often, these writers work together using coordinated colors for a super smooth and visually stunning result. Remember, the eyes gotta love it too!

New That’s Amore Magazine

That’s Amore Magazine did it again! The latest edition of the highly sought-after Pocket magazine dropped! Filled with lots of metal, along with plenty of wall bombing and other surfaces. And of course, there are many special features on both commercial and private train lines, making it a must-read for graffiti enthusiasts!

Abc: BackGround

In the graffiti game, the background might not always steal the show, but guess what? Sometimes, it’s that little extra something that takes your piece to the next level! You got options, from basic bubble fills to those super intricate joints with epic landscapes and mind-bending gradients. So, set your imagination loose, let those creative juices flow, and give your piece the backdrop it deserves!

Nice Surprise Festival

The Nice Surprise Festival has surprised everyone! This year, in addition to the usual mural walls, they painted a regional train! All of this was done by renowned artists like Sofles, Smug, Norse, and Millianas! A real bombshell!

New Night Quill

The Night Quill has just been released! It’s an actual pressure regulator for spray cans and should be used with your favorite cap. With this regulator, you can have maximum control over the spray stream! Try it out to believe it!


With FULLHD HVDP, the new video online on Spraydaily’s YouTube page, we fly straight to Poland with some super actions on colorful regional trains! A super crew is at work, and a wide variety of train models dominate the scene!

Abc: Outline

The outline is like the skeleton of a dope graffiti piece, giving it that sick contour and separating the colors inside from the background. Usually, we use tight caps to get those clean, precise lines. Some graffiti styles, like 3D, ditch the outline altogether and still manage to look fly as hell.

Lisbon MetroJam

The System Boys Instagram page just dropped a mind-blowing video of the epic “MetroJam” goin’ down in Lisbon! Trust me, you gotta check it out ’cause it’s off the hook! We’re talkin’ super crews like DRS, TPG, U.V., and TPK throwin’ down mad skills! All with Double A spray paint!

ABC: Masterpiece

A masterpiece is the utmost expression of style and technique in the graffiti realm. It’s the most elaborated and calculated in terms of lettering and colors! Usually, it is also accompanied by a puppet or an intricate background!

ABC: Buff

Buff is the eternal arch enemy for the type of graffiti when you paint illegally in public or private spaces. Buff actually means when the piece is erased, which can happen quickly because institutions have implemented a method to receive reports that provide information about newly written pieces.

ABC: Hall Of Fame

The Hall of Fame is the place to be for all writers! The legal wall known for its excellence where all the best writers leave their marks. Normally, it’s the point of gathering for many crews where they can meet not only via words but also via styles!

Best Of Times 2022

Spraydaily always drops the sickest stuff! On their Youtube there is international crew BOT’s new video, “Best of Times 2022” packed with a recap of all the action from last year! From commuter trains to the most strangest subways! Enjoy!

ABC: Tag

A Tag is the most quickest and simple graffiti expression. Nowadays it’s not easy finding a town even in the middle of no where that doesn’t have one. A tag can also be a one line, when the marker or spray never leaves the surface whilst writing in one single stroke.

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