Robots VS Vandals

Creepy as shXt. National Highways have recently announced that after [...]

Robots VS Vandals2021-11-05T15:20:05+01:00

Man on the run

Modern day, bounty hunting (ok not really as there are [...]

Man on the run2021-08-28T18:44:45+02:00

Vandalism or Art

Many of you may have heard about Banksy's new graffiti [...]

Vandalism or Art2021-08-28T17:53:54+02:00

Grow up idiot

“Grow up idiot” were the exact words which mayor Sarah [...]

Grow up idiot2021-07-30T12:22:09+02:00

“Be Someone”

Houston, Texas’s iconic graffiti “Be Someone” that appeared in 2012 [...]

“Be Someone”2021-07-30T12:22:16+02:00
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