Japan famous for its calligraphy culture (remember Kanji tattoos were a thing in the 2000’s?) and its leading supplies brand is Kuretake. In an average Japanese household you are to find at least one Kuretake pen, it’s that common. The company started off producing inksticks back in 1902, so it has history, experience the authenticity.

Let’s focus on their FUDE PEN line, which are calligraphy brush pens. For those who are looking for the real calligraphy feel you should go for the Bimoji Fude Pen, which emulates that real bamboo made writing tool.
As the FUDE PEN line mainly comes in black, they also have a creativity line aimed for writers and calligraphers with 90 colors to choose from.

From inksticks to vibrant colored calligraphy designed brush pens unleash your wildest calligraphic fantasies with Kuretake!